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Saturday, 16 July 2011

Adding new mount point with Suncluster



Resource Group Name:db-rg

Resource Name: apps-res

Requirement: Need to add two new mount points /oracle/redo1   and /oracle/redo2.

1. List the existing mountpoint related to db-res
root@node1 # scrgadm -vvp|egrep 'FilesystemMountPoints'|grep 'db-res'|grep 'Res property value'
      (db-rg:db-res:FilesystemMountPoints) Res property value: /oracle/archive /oracle/data01 /oracle/data02 /oracle/export /oracle/index01 /oracle/index02 /oracle/redologa /oracle/redologb /oracle/redologc /oracle/redologd /oracle/data03 /oracle/data04 /oracle/index03 /oracle/data05 /oracle/data06

2. Create the required Filesystesm and update /etc/vfstab for newly created mountpoint as below.
/dev/md/db-ms/dsk/d380     /dev/md/db-ms/rdsk/d380    /oracle/redo1   ufs     2       no      logging
/dev/md/db-ms/dsk/d390     /dev/md/db-ms/rdsk/d390    /oracle/redo2   ufs     2       no      logging

3. Mount the FS and set proper permission
root@node1 # mount /oracle/redo1
root@node1 # mount /oracle/redo2
root@node1 # chown oracle:dba /oracle/redo1
root@node1 # chown oracle:dba /oracle/redo2

4. Verify that new mountpoints (/oracle/redo1 and /oracle/redo2) mounted properly
root@node1 #df -h|grep redo
/dev/md/db-ms/dsk/d380   10G   100M   9.8G    1%    /oracle/redo1
/dev/md/db-ms/dsk/d390   10G   100M   9.8G    1%    /oracle/redo2

5. Update the cluster configuration with new mountpoints (/oracle/redo1 and /oracle/redo2) inluding all old mountpoints.
root@node1 # scrgadm -c -j db-res –x \

6. Verify the new mountpoints (/oracle/redo1 and /oracle/redo2) are available in configuration
root@node1 # scrgadm -vvp|egrep 'FilesystemMountPoints'|grep 'db-res'|grep 'Res property value'
      (db-rg:db-res:FilesystemMountPoints) Res property value: /oracle/archive /oracle/data01 /oracle/data02 /oracle/export /oracle/index01 /oracle/index02 /oracle/redologa /oracle/redologb /oracle/redologc /oracle/redologd /oracle/data03 /oracle/data04 /oracle/index03 /oracle/data05 /oracle/data06 /oracle/redo2 /oracle/redo2

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