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Thursday, 27 January 2011

Modifying NFS resource hosts options in VCS

I have a nfs share (/apps/Wst) under veritas cluster control with permission ro=host1:host2. I need to add one more host (host3) to this list.
Below is the procedure.

1. Get the name of resource related to this mountpoint in share type.
root@node1# hares -display -type Share|grep /apps/Wst
intProc_wst_share         ArgListValues          node1     PathName    1       /apps/Wst  Options 1       ro=host1:host2
intProc_wst_share         ArgListValues          node2   PathName    1       /apps/Wst  Options 1       ro=host1:host2
intProc_wst_share         PathName               global     /apps/Wst
We got it. The resource name is intProc_wst_share.

2. Make the vcs configuration rewritable.
root@node1# haconf -makerw 

3. Add the host3 also in the list using below command with host3 also
root@node1# hares -modify intProc_wst_share  Options  ro=host1:host2:host3

4. Disable  critical status so that restarting the resource doesnot effect the any parent or child.
root@node1# hares -modify intProc_wst_share  Critical  0  

5. Save the configuration and sync with all the nodes of cluster
root@node1# haconf -dump -makero from localhost

6. Stop and start the intProc_wst_share resource.
root@node1# hares -offline intProc_wst_share  -sys node1; hares -online intProc_wst_share  -sys node1

7. Now the third host (host3) is visible in showmount output and the share can be mounted on host3 also.
root@node1# showmount -e
export list for node1:
/apps/Wst    ro=host1,host2,host3

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