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Sunday, 22 November 2009

Script for Continuous monitoring of percentage of page file usage in solaris

#script for monitoring page file usage in %. written by
while true
used=`swap -s|awk {'print $9'}|cut -dk -f1`
#echo "Used is :`expr $used / 1024`MB"
avail=`swap -s|awk {'print $11'}|cut -dk -f1`
#echo "Available is :`expr $avail / 1024`MB"
total=`expr $used + $avail`
#echo "Total is :`expr $total / 1024`MB"
percused=`expr $used \* 100`
percent=`expr $percused / $total`
#echo "Percentage of page file usage is :$percent% "
echo "Used Available Total %Used"
echo "`expr $used / 1024`MB `expr $avail / 1024`MB `expr $total / 1024`MB $percent%"
sleep 5

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