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Monday, 14 February 2011

Extending HP-UX LVM

1. Make sure we have enough space in VG before extend.

#vgdisplay dbmdws|egrep 'Free PE|PE Size'
Multiplying this Free PE and PE size will provide the free size in MB in this VG.

2. Here we extend the LV to 100G (the rusulting FS will be in 100G size  (-L in MB 100Gx100)

#/usr/sbin/lvextend  -L 102400 /dev/oracle-vg/lvoracle 
Logical volume "/dev/oracle-vg/lvoracle" has been successfully extended.

3. Online extending Filesystem to the new size (-b KB (100Gx1024x1024)

#/usr/sbin/fsadm -F vxfs -b 104857600 /oracle
#bdf /dev/oracle-vg/lvoracle
                   104857600 10252151 88692620   10% /oracle

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